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Moving with Kids

Different children react to moving in different ways. There are instances, where kids felt, they are in an alien climate and kept on crying for days. Chances are, the moving process may lead to a depressive atmosphere with the child too. The key to making the move a success with kids is, ‘getting them involved’. Be upbeat from the beginning. Talk to them as much as possible. Make them come up with ideas on how to do it better. Give them the ‘Feel’ that they are important members of the family moving team. Further, involve them in the selection of the new home and make them think of the new home all in a positive way.

The New Home

If possible, take the kids with you for selecting the new home and in case its not possible, take the photographs of the home.

Moving company

You need to make a specific research on the new community so that you know what benefits your kids will enjoy in the new home. This can include schools, areas of interest (museums etc).

Actively encourage kids to decorate their rooms, play areas, including color choices, decoration, and arrangement of furniture.

You lead the way making new friends and becoming actively involved in your new community immediately. This is taken as an example and your children will do the same.

Leaving the Old Home

With a spirit of adventure, let your kids tell the neighborhood that you're moving to a ‘new’ place.

Involve with them for planning to take care of plants and/or pets during the move.

Help them collect addresses of their friends and neighbors (don't forget e-mail addresses)

Help them to get rid of their old and no-longer-wanted things. Organize a tag sale or charity donation of toys, clothing, books, etc.

Encourage them to have a "good-bye old friends" party.

The Moving Day

If you have infants, make sure that you have a sitter or a friend watches your kids during the packing , loading and unpacking process.

Children in their excitement may disturb the moving process by running and doing things that may distract the moving company's professionals doing their job. So make sure that they are busy in some activity, so that this does not happen.

Let kids color or put stickers on their boxes, or make box labels, so they will be immediately recognizable coming off the moving van

Pack the items in such a manner, that the kids’ most important things, can be first taken out so that, they will be again busy when the destination is reached.

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